Frequently Asked Questions

Does Artifex make the wine or does the client make the wine?

The client makes the wine. Each client provides a winemaking contact or point-person with whom Artifex will maintain communication. That winemaker then provides written instruction each time they want Artifex to work with their wine. Artifex will not provide winemaking or assume any action on the wine without their instruction.

Is there a minimum amount of tons required to become a client at Artifex?

Yes, we require a one lot minimum of 3 tons.

How do I sign up to make my wine at Artifex?

Please email . In the email, include a little information about your company. Also, what style of wine you produce, how many lots, and how many tons? We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as we can.

Where can I buy Artifex wine?

Artifex does not produce our own wine. We are dedicated solely to the production of our client’s wines. 

Does Artifex make, sell, or buy wine for bulk?

Artifex does not make or sell any wine. Therefore we do not buy or sell bulk. However, we are happy to take down your contact information to share with other industry members.

Does Artifex source the grapes? What varieties and from where?

Our clients source all their own grapes. Artifex is not involved in this process. Grapes come to us from all over the Columbia Valley including Red Mountain, the Yakima and Walla Walla Valleys, and Wahluke Slope, among others.

How do I apply to work at Artifex Wine Company? What positions are available?

Please email your résumé and a brief paragraph about yourself to

We are hiring! Artifex brings on new crew members seasonally during the fall months (harvest season). Those interested in entering the wine industry, working in wine, studying wine, who are skilled laborers, and or are just simply curious about the world of wine can apply.

Part time work may be available in the Winter, Spring, and Summer months.